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Domain Services

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Grab your competitive website address with stratsimir hosting – a budget domain name accounts trader, before it’s gone. Free domain controls – modify name servers, edit Whois details, unlimited parked domains.

Top Domains

One of the most important preconditions for setting up a successful web presence is the domain. It is what people will discern first when they stumble upon your website and what they will link you with. The domain should be easy to remember, but should also be something that informs your web page's visitors what the web page is about.

CLOUD Web Hosting

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Choose where to host your websites with stratsimir hosting – a top shared website hosting service company with almost ten years of experience in the industry. MySQL web hosting data centers in the United States, England, Sweden & Australia. A point & click Control Panel.

Cheap Website Hosting

As the IT business flourishes incessantly, advanced hosting services are brought in to render web site creation and administration easier than ever. A web hosting plan with the smallest web storage and web traffic amounts used to cost tens of USD per month, but nowadays, some companies provide unlimited packages for only a fraction of this price, enabling persons and small firms to have their place in the virtual universe.

Virtual Server Hosting

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Accommodate your web sites in the United States, UK, or Australia with stratsimir hosting - a best VPS web hosting solutions provider with almost 5 yrs of experience in the virtual hosting industry. Sign up now – get a no-cost Control Panel & a free dedicated IP.

What are Virtual Private Servers

To satisfy the demand for affordably priced, but reliable hosting solutions, companies launched a midway webspace hosting environment - the VPS server. This is a virtual emulation of a web server that acts just like a : dedicated web server and is much more feature-rich than any shared site hosting solution. At the same time, as lots of accounts are hosted on the very same physical hosting server and each user pays for their account, the price for a virtual private hosting server account is considerably lower than the price for a dedicated server dedicated server. A basic VPS hosting server plan is a bit more high-priced than a hi-end shared website hosting package, but its system resources surpass decidedly those of the shared site hosting account.

Semi-Dedicated Servers

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Enjoy more power for your demanding web sites with stratsimir hosting – a budget semi dedicated servers accounts company. Gain access to a drag & drop interface, a Free Site Builder and a Free Instant Web Apps Installer. 24x7 support.


The top-class semi-dedicated server plans from stratsimir hosting are setup for those of you, whose web demands have started to outgrow the resources of their current webhosting platform, and who are not yet ready to move to a dedicated solution. Semi-dedicated hosting solutions excel virtual servers mainly in the larger amount of resources that enable you to run more traffic-consuming sites and more advanced scripts and applications. Each semi-dedicated solution is loaded with unlimited disk space and monthly traffic quotas, unlimited hosted domains and mailboxes, etc. Also, you will get a FREE Web Hosting CP with a quick user-friendly interface that makes taking control of your semi-dedicated server a breeze.

Dedicated Hosting

from $125.00 USD /mo

Find the best hosting conditions for your websites with stratsimir hosting – a low-cost dedicated hosting service company. You will take advantage of a No-cost Control Panel and a bunch of free dedicated IPs. OS options. Full root access. No server setup fees.

What is Dedicated Web Server

Informational portals, social networks and video sharing websites are very famous and heavy web pages that demand plenty of system resources to perform. The more viewers a site is having concurrently, the more resources will be demanded to cope with all the requests from the users' web browsers and to fulfill them. Hence a dedicated server would be the optimal webspace hosting solution for such sites.